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MUME.NET The Original MUME Log Site
MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth Official MUME Site
Elvenrunes Logs/Information about MUME and PowTTY web host
People of MUME Page MUME Album :)
Hidden Outpost Herblore & Equipment Info
MUME-info CeBe's Page
Tabris's MUMEpage Stats for skills, prac locations
VrAK's MUME-related page VrAK's Page
Axel's Homepage Powwow for Win32 and much more
Gray's MUME page Gray's Page
Seb's MUME page Finwe's Page
Alo's Mume page Alo's Page

Servers Main Server (Norway) Alkar's Server (Canada) Axel's Server (Germany) Router (Estonia) Router [Down?] Router [Down?]